Integrated policies and inclusive governance in rural-urban areas

    The Alpine Space is made of a complex intersection of plains, valleys and mountains with different urban contexts. Dynamic cities and valley bottoms are engines for growth and competitiveness. Nearby, rural territories, as creators, providers and reserves of resources, ask the policy makers to "spread" the cities' energies to define a new kind of co-development. 

    The Rurbance project considers rural and urban communities as equal players in a win-win game where one each other they can exchange knowledge, culture, development models, traditions, values, investments. The balance among territories and the contamination between rural and urban development models are a presumption for the competitiveness of the whole areas towards a local sustainable development model that involves cultural, social, economic and environmental aspects.

    Rurbance is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the frame of the ETC Alpine Space Programme

    Join the rural-urban governance debate in the 8 Territorial Systems involved in the project!

    Integrated policies and inclusive governance in rural-urban areas
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