Policies Analysis

    The Report collects the transnational activities carried out by the partners of the RURBANCE Project in the first 6 months (Sep 2013-Mar 2014).
    This document can be read in multiple perspectives. It is the exposition of the work of 11 European institutions to bring together their knowledge and identify similar problems in dealing with rural-urban territories. It develops a comparison through the whole Alpine region about public policies concerning the relationships between major urban centers and surrounding mountain rural areas. Moreover the document puts the basis for an international working platform about public policies, identifying the concept of governance as cross-sectoral aspect able to involve all the countries (beyond their differences), and introducing the concept of Governance Models to promote an effective policies analysis and the identification of recommendation and best practices.
    Finally this Final Report put the basis for the following project development, and its topics have been deepened in the activities of Cooperative Governance Models.

    The work was coordinated practically by Veneto Region, scientifically by Anton Melik Geographic Institute of Ljubljana and Urban Planning Institute of Grenoble, with the support of Lombardy Region.

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